The 2012 SFH annual dinner activity
Author:Anonymous Published:2013-02-20

      In order to thank all staff for their hard work and contributions in 2012, the company held an annual dinner activity on Feb. 1st, 2013 at “Jin Dian Hotel”. General Manager Mr. Pisaturo led all management team and all first level employees to attend the party. Since the company has been built in 2007, this is the first time we held the all staff participation party in the external hotel. This activity gives all the employees a good chance to show their singing talent, there were 12 employees joined in the Kara OK competition. He Yuanzhou, Wang Lingling and Xing Qiang from the MFG department got the first prize.


       Before the dinner, General Manager Mr. Pisaturo did the keynote speech to thank all the employees’ hard work and dedication, meanwhile, GM also did a brief summary of the performance of all employees in 2012, and the target for 2013. At last, GM also emphasized that only all our employees united as one and strived side by side for a same goal, we can achieve our target in 2013 and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for both company and employees.


       Then, all staff shared the dinner in an enjoyable atmosphere. Dinner interspersed with three lucky draws which were led by the GM together with ten department directors. Accompanied by shout of excitement and happiness of all employees, this New Year annual dinner activity achieved completely success.



General Mangager Mr. Pisaturo makes a speech



Labor Union Chairman



R&D Director hold flower to singer



The one of 1st prize singer is Miss. Wang Lingling.

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