The sales volume of SFH shall be over 20 thousand in 2013
Author:Anonymous Published:2013-12-11

The Fifth Shanghai International Auto Exhibition

Quality and technology showing power, addressing both Chinese and overseas market

General manage of SFH Michele Pisaturo (left), Global Marketing Communication Manager of FPT Douwe Hilarius (right) are confident to the product

From the launching of the first engine in 2008 to the rapid sales volume increase of Cursor 9 engines, to the introduction of Cursor 13 heavy load engine in 2012, Saic Fiat Powertrain Hongyan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SFH) is stepping to the target of being a “supplier of one-stop comprehensive power solutions”.

During the Shanghai Auto Exhibition, SFH brought three engine products: Cursor 13, Cursor 9 and F1C3. All of the three engines are excellent works of Fiat Power Technology (FPT) and show the perfect product lien and powerful technical strength of FPT.

Michele Pisaturo general manager of SFH and Douwe Hilarius global marketing communication manager of FPT accepted exclusive interview of Commercial Vehicle News on the press day and talked about the development plan of SFH.

Striving to be a whole series power supplier

In the aspect of products, SFH has become a supplier of whole series power application. Its emission ranges from 2.3L to 12.9L, the maximum power ranges from 71KW(96HP) to 353KW(480HP) and the maximum torque ranges from 240Nm to 2200Nm, which can meet power demands of heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, ships and generator sets.

In the three exhibited products, Cursor 9 is the most familiar to the industry. It integrates several patented technologies of Fiat. The one-piece cylinder cover and integrated form design decrease the number of CURSOR9 components by 10% than similar products. Low failure rate and high reliability are also realized. At present, this product has been assembled on heavy load trucks of Saic-Iveco Hongyan, sold to the overseas market, and become the main export of SFH.

Cursor 13 which was launched last year is also assembled in GENLYON vehicles of Saic-Iveco Hongyan in batches. Michele Pisaturo showed that customers are satisfied with the fuel efficiency and power performance of products. According to feedback information of end users in Chongqing, the GENLYON vehicles (assembled with Cursor 13) on the Chongqing-Guangzhou Line save over 600 Yuan of oil cost than other vehicles. Customers are also satisfied with the power performance of engines which add the comfort of users in driving with its low noise characteristics.

The FIC series which was awarded the “European star engine award” in 2008 is a light diesel engine platform product which covers medium and light commercial vehicles and other various applications. This engine is featured by light weight and large torque.

These products are combined to form a “different high-end route” of high end cut-in and complete coverage different from other enterprises.

Having adoptive development targeted to Chinese users

Being faced with the Chinese IV emission standard to be carried out in July 1, 2013, SFH has made full preparation.

Michele Pisaturo told the reporter of Commercial Vehicle News, the Euro VI emission standard has been carried out in Europe. FPT has experienced each emission stage in Europe. Each series of SFH products are integrated with several patented technology of SFH such as electronic controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system of the third generation, common rail 4 valves etc. to achieve balance in power performance, reliability, fuel consumption and driving comfort of the engine.

Besides, SFH also brought the future-oriented solution –HI-eSCR technology, which is put forward on the Euro VI standard. HI-eSCR technology is an exhaust gas emission control system which is renovated on the exhaust gas emission of applying SCR technology in over 250 thousand vehicles in over 6 years. It is also the only technology which is able to meet the Euro VI emission standard by SCR after-treatment.

“Of course, we also change the engine technology according to using habits and application demands of Chinese users to be suitable for China’s national situation. For example, the pump nozzle fuel oil control system is applied to Cursor13 engines in Europe. But the electronic controlled common rail technology is more influential in China. Therefore, SFH changes the technology accordingly,” Michele Pisaturo said.

SFH set a research and development center in Chongqing when it was established to provide localized improvement to Chinese users. Michele Pisaturo said that, besides technological support from headquarters of FPT, SFH also has a professional research and development group to improve product application. “The market in China is different from that in Europe.” He said the most typical example is that end users in China have higher requirements on overload and fuel consumption than European users. So SFH carried out targeted development in allusion to these requirements.

Local market and overseas market going in parallel

The production and sales volume broke through 10 thousand sets in 2011. The share of domestic heavy load assembly was increased by 0.8% in 2012. SFH still kept the healthy and stable development momentum in 2013. In March, the monthly sales volume of SFH reached a historical high with 2400 sets. Among which, the increase in the Chinese market was apparent. The total amount purchased in a single month was over 1600 sets. The export sale in single month contributed to nearly 800 sets of orders.

In 2013, SFH set the goal of selling 20000 engines in the whole year, among which, the exported engines shall be over 8000 sets and engines sold in the domestic market shall be over 12000 sets.

Michele Pisaturo is very confident to achieve this goal. Firstly, SFH has built close cooperation relationship with relevant enterprises such as Saic-Iveco Hongyan, Nanjing Iveco, Sunwin etc.; secondly, it has also built cooperation relationship with several vehicle plans in China; thirdly, its has expanded to the overseas market successfully.

According to introduction, at present in China, SFH has formed supporting cooperative relationship with Yutong. It also achieved product support with CAMC (heavy load truck), Chery (minibus), Wuhan Xiaolong (cross country vehicle) etc. In term of export, Cursor 9 has been assembled to agricultural equipment of American CNH and achieved 8000 sets of assembling quantity for successive 2 years. Besides, Cursor 9 engines of Euro VI standard has been assembled in Europe IVECO vehicles by batches.

“At present, the sales amount in the overseas market accounts for 1/2 of the overall sales of SFH. With the sales increase in Chinese market, we hope to keep this figure at 1/3.” Michele Pisaturo introduced that they also coordinate with vehicle enterprises in expanding to the overseas market. For example, the 4900 vehicles planed to be exported by Saic-Iveco Hongyan in this year will be assembled with Cursor engines. There is hope to develop bus enterprise in the European market and communicate with SFH on engine supporting.

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