SFH Providing LCC with Power Guarantee
Author:Anonymous Published:2013-12-11

On June 4, 2013, Yutong Company held the commencement ceremony for the whole life cycle cost (referred to as LCC) project in Beijing Automobile Museum. Yutong started the LCC project and selected Saic Fiat Powertrain Hongyan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SFH)—an outstanding company in Chinese diesel engines, as its strategic cooperator in power assembly of passenger cars. It means that the quality of engines produced by SFH meet engineering requirement of LCC. This is also the practical reflection of “excellent quality” insisted by SFH.


Emphasize “engine” quality and promote the LCC value realization

Important cooperative partners such as Yutong Company, industry guests, Pisaturo etc. attended the ceremonially and gave suggestions on the LCC project. “Promoting the value realization of LCC is of great positive significance to the effective utilization and approaching the development of the social service system” said the principal of Yutong Bus. He said that engine is an important part of vehicles. Its quality directly affects the service and maintenance cost of the whole vehicle. The outstanding performance of SFH engine in fuel consumption and reliability plays an important role in promoting the LCC value realization of the whole vehicle.

“SFH will provide the world-wide advanced technical support in engines!” Pisaturo said in his statement that the product provided by SFH to Yutong is its star model Cursor 9. He said that the core of the LCC project is that decision makers need to combine purchase cost with the service and maintenance cost to taken it into the overall consideration of full life circle cost. There is no doubt that Cursor 9 engine is outstanding in the performance which affects decision making.

Pisaturo introduced: “LCC of Cursor 9 is calculated through purchase cost + fuel cost + maintenance cost + breakdown losses + residual value. In terms of cost, Cursor 9 is rooted in advanced technology of Fiat. It achieves perfect balance in economy, power performance and low noise. So it is of extremely high cost performance. As for maintenance cost, provided that the it is calculated by 120 thousand kilometers/year, 800 Yuan of maintenance cost would be saved in one year; in the aspect of breakdown losses; it has a 3 years or 360 thousand kilometers of warranty, the design B10 life is 1 million kilometers. Over 10 thousand engines are exported to American CNH and European IVECO. It has been verified in both domestic and foreign markets that its failure rate is 50% lower than that of competitive products. It also enjoys the national wide service network of Yutong and SFH. On residual value, it is a world famous brand jointly invested by China and Italia. Major components are featured with high integration and intensify. The electronic control system is set in the engine housing to prevent it from being corroded and damaged. LCC of Cursor 9 is much lower than domestic competitors. It is featured by high performance cost ratio, low cost to use and high salvage.”

The principle of Yutong showed that the SFH engine is selected for its advantages in LCC engineering. Pisaturo, general manager of SFH thought that SFH providing Yutong with engines of excellent quality promotes the realization of LCC value. Technological advantages and low cost of Cursor 9 engines also play a positive role in promoting the benign development of the industry.

It is learned by the reporter that, as one of the investors of SFH, Fiat power technology (FPT) is one of the world famous engine companies. Its products are mainly divided as three series: Cursor, NEF and F1 with emission ranging from 2.3 litres to 12.9 litres, power ranging from 71kW(96HP) to 353kW(480HP) and the maximum torque ranging from 240Nm to 2200Nm. They are able to meet power demands of heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, ships and generator sets. In 2012, 450 thousand engines with emission standard over Euro 5 have been sold. It is ranked in the third place in the world. The engine platform of Cursor series is to be completed in 2005. New technologies in the 21st century are applied so that the products have very high technical content and reliability.


Core advantage, promoting sound development of the industry

From the time when the first engine was launched in 2008 to participating LCC project of Yutong as an exclusive strategic engine partner in 2013, with its core advantages, SFH always provides the Chinese market with power assembly products of advanced European technology and quality standard, high performance, excellent quality and perfect services though insisting market-oriented principle, integrating global superior resources, holding employees together to achieve lean manufacturing with high efficiency.

In fact, technical advantages of SFH promote the development of the industry. Pisaturo said: “With the supporting of European technology”, both industry customers and free market are our service objects.” In the early days of SFH, on one hand, it continuously satisfied market demands in the industry, and on the other hand, it carried out localization improvement on technologies and application of all products and improved product structure continuously. After several years of development, SFH has developed a group of suppliers in China. Besides, with the control of European quality standard, cost localization has also been realized. Products of SFH are designed on the basis of Euro VI emission standard. Besides, they also have the downward compatibility so that all products can reach the Chinese IV standard from the top to bottom in an easy way. At present, SFH is one of the engine enterprises which are able to product engines meeting Euro III, IV and even VI emission standard. “We provide the Chinese market with environmental green power with rich technological reserve.”

Besides of advantages in technology, SFH also spares all efforts in construction of the whole after-sale service network. SFH fully integrates effective resources of itself and the vehicle plant through the mode of independent website and vehicle plant trusteeship. It is devoted to construct an impeccable after-sale service system to provide customers with active, rapid and professional after-sale services. It tries to provide customers with high quality services free from any worriless to improve product value of customers and bring them with world-class global professional excellent service experience.

Excellent power products and superior after sale services win extremely high market supporting for SFH. In the future, with advanced technologies and management mode, SFH will get deeper understanding of the global market and increase research and development investment with the spirit of continuous innovation to improve the service system. In this cooperation with LCC engineering, SFH tries to provide users with high-end products of optimized LCC from the standpoint of users to form a “different high-end route” of high end cut-in and complete coverage different from other enterprises.



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