Improving Advanced Technology and Showing Strong Capacity
Author:Anonymous Published:2013-12-11

The 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition was started on April 20, 2013. Saic Fiat Powertrain Hongyan Co., Ltd. (SFH) attended the exhibition with its 3 main products, which are Cursor9, Cursor13 and F1C.

SFH completed the product layout gradually after 5 years of experience accumulation since the first engine was offline in 2008, until introducing Cursor 13 high-power engine. The discharge capacity of the whole series of the products ranges from 71 to 353kW, while the engine power scope covers 71~353kW, meeting the power demand of heavy, medium and light commercial automobiles, engineering machines, ships and generation sets. SFH provides a “one-stop” overall power solution to customers in China by introducing the product platform and applying the product in various markets.

SFH introduced the slogan of “advanced technology comes from Fiat, and excellent power comes from SFH” in the exhibition. How does it achieve the both? The journalist interviewed Michele Pisaturo, general manager of SFH.


Advanced technology guarantees quality

SFH brought the solution looking forward to the future, which is developed by FPT in accordance with Europe VI Standard in the exhibition: HI-eSCR (High-efficiency SCR) technology.

The HI-eSCR technology is a tail gas discharge control system innovated based on the accumulated experience applied on over 250,000 automobiles for more than 6 years by Fiat Power Technology (FPT), and a technology meeting the Europe VI Discharge Standard after using only SCR. It is reported that the HI-eSCR technology abandons the exhaust-gas recirculation system and becomes one of FPT patents with its electric control strategy prediction algorithm and mixing-chamber dynamic fluid design, effectively reducing the NOX discharge. It meets the new requirements of discharge limit, and decreases the effect on the automobile structure layout and the possible increase of safety cost as much as possible.

The various series of SFH products all are combined with a group of FPT patent technologies, including the integrated designed advanced technologies, such as the 3rd generation of electric control high-pressure common-rail system, overhead camshaft with 4 valves, engine brake, etc., ensuring the balance of the engine on dynamic property, reliability, fuel economy, driving comfort, etc.


SFH has been ready for Chinese IV era

The “diesel automobile Chinese IV era” is just at the corner in July 2013. SFH has been ready for the upgrade of the discharge standard in domestic market, according to Michele Pisaturo, general manager of SFH. He also said that the SFH product comes from Fiat power technology products, and is based on the Europe VI Discharge Standard design, realizing the compatibility forwards. All the SFH products can expand to Chinese VI Standard from top to bottom.

It is worth mentioning that SFH also realized engine export in batches in accordance with Europe VI Standard in 2012, in addition to providing the engine meeting the Chinese discharge laws and regulations requirements, and became the enterprise being capable of providing engines meeting the Chinese III Discharge Standard to Chinese IV Standard Discharge Standard in batches in China. SFH puts efforts in “providing excellent products”, including “green products”.

The implementation of Chinese IV Standard is an opportunity for further development of SFH instead of a problem, for SFH has owned abundant technical reserve, as well as the determination to provide environmental protection power for Chinese market.

SFH has been capable of providing Europe VI engine since the Chinese III Standard was carried out. “The SFH products are advanced, and we are ahead of the average industrial level in parts and product structure design. After 5 years of accumulation and implementation of Chinese IV Standard, the cost advantage of SFH will be shown gradually, and the technical and quality advantages will then be completely shown, which means there are more market opportunities,” said Michele Pisaturo.


Improving products according to market condition

Michele Pisaturo also said that all the technical platforms of SFH engine come from FPT, which is the guarantee of the excellent SFH technology. SFH Technology Center made some technical adjustment to the engine according to China's national condition.

In addition to the technical support of Fiat Power Technology Headquarters, SFH has a professional application research & development team focusing on the application and improvement of the product, and balance of the performance, quality standard and application demand of it, so as to take full use of the product advantages of SFH engine. Cursor 13 engine is equipped with pump nozzle fuel control system in Europe, while the electric control high-pressure common-rail technology is more applicable for Chinese market. Therefore, SFH carried out technical adjustment, according to Michele Pisaturo.


Market performance gets better

The market condition of the 1st quarter in 2013 is better than that in the same period of 2012, said Michele Pisaturo. With the commercial opportunities brought by the discharge standard upgrade in July 2013, SFH is expected to realize the production and sales volume of 20,000.

The SFH sales volume in March 2013 reached 2,400 automobiles, creating a new record of monthly sales volume. Among that, the domestic sales volume climbed stably, exceeding 1,600 in total in the single month, while the overseas order reached almost 800.

The technical advantages of SFH will be further shown, and the excellent product performance will help the supporting completed automobile enterprises take over the market opportunities, and actively promote the new customer development of SFH. SFH was continuously improved in after-sales service, quality management and control, logistics promotion, etc. in 2012, increasing the soft power, and laying a foundation for the breakthrough in 2013.

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