Pursuing Excellent Value, SFH Shows Soft Power
Author:Anonymous Published:2013-12-11

On April 20, attention of global automobile giants were attracted by Shanghai, China, where the 15th shanghai international Auto Exhibition was inaugurated. As a leading diesel engine manufacturer in China, Saic Fiat Powertrain Hongyan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SFH) attended the Auto Exhibition with three green star products: CURSOR13, CURSOR9 and F1C, which fully reflect the scientific and technological strength as well as excellent power product competitiveness of SFH. It not only shows the supplier image of full series power application, but also reflects the green development mode of modern engine products.

Outstanding “engine” product, achieving green Cluster Strategy

From 2008 when the first engine was launched to 2012 when the heavy duty engine model Cursor 13 was introduced, SFH improved its product layout gradually in 5 years. In all its products, the emission ranges from 2.3L to 12.9L, the maximum power ranges from 71KW(96HP) to 353KW(480HP) and the maximum torque ranges from 240Nm to 2200Nm, which can meet power demands of heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, ships and generator sets. It introduced FPT comprehensively. Its product quality standard is synchronized with that of the European market. In the mean time, parts and components processed by it can provide European engine plants with assembled engines. It also gained official certification of ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007 and ISO/TS16949:2009. It provides Chinese consumers with comprehensive “one-stop” power solutions from introduction and extension of product platforms to application of products in different markets.

All of the three exhibited products Cursor 13, Cursor 9 and F1C are excellent works of FPT.

CURSOR series becomes the benchmark for new green power in the industry with high performance, light weight and environment protection. CURSOR9, the winner of “environmental power award”, integrates many patented technologies of Fiat. The one-piece cylinder cover and integrated form design decrease the number of CURSOR9 components by 10% than similar products. Low failure rate and high reliability are realized to provide consumers with super value driving experience and improve the operation value.

As the first engine introduced by SFH, CURSOR 9 gained good market praise in both Chinese and foreign customers by virtue of its excellent performance.

The noticeable CURSOR13 heavy load engine has already been in batch production and marketing in Europe. It was introduced to China in 2011. The electronic controlled common rail technology is applied to realize the perfect balance between performance and economy. Its actual measurement result of high power performance and low fuel consumption shocked many users and gained high praise once it was launched in the market.

What also appeared in the exhibition is the prestigious FIC series, which was awarded the “European star engine award” in 2008. It covers medium and light commercial vehicles and other various applications and forms a “different high-end route” of high end cut-in and complete coverage.


Excellent “engine” technology, showing “core” competitiveness

With the appearance of frequent “haze” weather and the preparation of Chinese IV standard, low carbon, emission reduction, green and environmental protection has become the hottest topic in the commercial vehicle industry. As one of the advanced engine manufacturers in China, SFH has designed its products on the latest global product platform from its foundation. The perfection combination of several patented technologies of FPT is realized. Products of the whole series are designed on the Euro V standard and are extended to the Euro III and IV standard easily from the top to bottom. In this exhibition, SFH also brought the future-oriented solution –HI-eSCR technology, which is put forward on the Euro VI standard.

HI-eSCR technology is an exhaust gas emission control system which is renovated on the exhaust gas emission of applying SCR technology in over 250 thousand vehicles in over 6 years. It is also the only technology which is able to meet the Euro VI emission standard by SCR after-treatment.

The release of the technology attracted attention of numerous people in the industry. The exhibition stand of SFH is full of technical and engineering talents who come here for “experience”. The HI-eSCR technology abandons the exhaust gas recirculation system. The NOx is reduced by 95% through two FPT patents named “prediction algorithm of electronic control strategy” and “mixing chamber dynamic fluid design”. It can not only meet the brand new requirement on the emission limitation, but also reduces influences on the structure layout of vehicles and possible installation cost increase to the maximum.

With the support of powerful “core” technology, all of three products exhibited by SFH are the most competitive in the Chinese engine industry. General manager of SFH introduced in the exhibition that “optimization may only be realized by lean production. SFH inherits WCM management system of FPT, which greatly decreases time and resource wastes caused by low reliability and application of the production system. At present, we are expanding this management system to all technological processes and supplier to achieve “5 zero standard”—zone accident, zone failure, zero scrapping, zero defect and zero inventory in the production process.”

According to information, all products of SFH are based on the Euro V standard and the downward compatibility is achieved. All products can meet the Chinese IV standard easily. It is the only enterprise in China which is able to provide engines which meet Chinese III and VI emission standard by batches.


Outstanding “engine” service, meeting global market demands

In the meantime, after 5 years of sedimentation, at present, the localization rate of SFH products is over 90%. This eliminates worries of users and greatly decreases the cost of spare parts and use of users. By the end of 2012, SFH has constructed 350 after-sale service stations and opened 400- after-sale service hotline all around the country to provide services to customers effectively and timely. The whole after-sale service network is constructed in the mode of independent website and vehicle plant trusteeship (namely the vehicle integration mode). It is devoted to construct an impeccable after-sale service system by fully integrating effective resources of SFH and vehicle plants to provide customers with active, rapid and professional after-sale services.

Excellent power products and superior market services win extremely high market supporting for SFH. At present, besides of relevant Chinese enterprises such as Saic-Iveco Hongyan, Naveco, Sunwin etc., power products of SFH are also successfully applied to other famous Chinese automobiles such as Yutong (bus), CAMC (heavy load truck), Chery (minibus), Wuhan Xiaolong (cross country vehicle), Shannxi Zhongda (road roller) etc.; in terms of overseas market, Cursor 9 of SFH has been assembled to agricultural equipment of American CNH and achieved 8000 sets of assembling quantity for successive 2 years. What’s more, SFH Cursor 9 of Euro VI standard has been assembled in Europe IVECO vehicles (truck, bus) by batches. As the only enterprise which produces engines of Euro VI standard in batches and sells them to Europe, SFH has shown its soft power. “After breaking through 10 thousand sets in 2011, SFH keeps stable development. It is determined to break through the target of 70 thousand in 5 years,” introduced the general manager of SFH. “In the future, SFH will have in-depth understanding of the global market with the leading technology and management mode and increase investment in research and development with the spirit of continuous innovation to improve the service system and provide Chinese and foreign users with individualized green engines.”

SFH has been among the main engine market in China and is guiding the industry to have transition and break through. It provides the Chinese market with green power products which are featured by excellent performance, energy saving and environmental protection with excelsior spirit in product researching and leading technological support to promote the development of green automobile industry in China. By virtue of the world wide network and global running mode of FPT, SFH provides customers with worriless services of high quality and improve product value of customers to bring them with world-class global professional and outstanding service experience.

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